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Existentialism Card # 50 Long Forbidden Love

Title: Sakura
Author: Nicluv1787
Prompt: Existentialism Card # 50 Long Forbidden Love
Song: "Sakura Sakura" by Rin

Rating: K
Genre: Romance, Angst

Characters: Young Kaede / Inuyasha

Word Count: 1,353 (including lyrics)
Summary: Kaede visit’s Inuyasha on his first anniversary of being sealed to the tree of ages.

Link to Song:

A/N: While looking for folk songs to go with this story I stumbled upon this folk song which has been made into modern version’s like the lyrics I used for the fic. Sakura Sakura is a traditional  japans folk song about the beauty of cherry blossoms. If you’d like to read more information on the traditional Sakura Sakura go here. To hear a traditional Sakura Sakura

Sakura (fake cut)

Tags: existentialism
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