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SunMod has a crazy idea that just might work.

I've honestly begun to think (especially after seeing how popular the Songfic Bingo was!) that this community might do better as one of those ongoing challenge comms, versus a weekly or biweekly contest comm. Think about it! Sometimes RL kicks you in the butt, right? Sometimes you have the inspiration, but you just can't seem to find the time to sit yourself down and write it out, RIGHT??

Well, what if we here at inusongfics just created two or three big lists of fifty or so prompts and let YOU (the members) claim one and write for it. We'd change the rules so that you could crosspost whenever, and you could use old fics if they fit the prompt (as long as they're not more than a year old), and you could post whenever you can/want - you would just need to post at least once every six months, or risk having your claim dropped. You'd receive a banner once you completed ten prompts, and then another when you hit twenty; and so on and so forth, and you'd receive a particularly special banner for completing all fifty. Pairings, genres, and ratings would be open to your own discretion; as long as they included a song, then you'd be in the clear! :D

So?? Another Poll, just to hear what you guys think!

Is SunMod out of her ever-loving mind for suggesting this? HELL YES!! GET 'ER A STRAIGHTJACKET!! HELL NO!! GET THAT PLAN IN ACTION!! I have ceased caring about the fate of this community.

Hope to hear from you all soon!                                  

<3 SunMod

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Stepping Down

Hello to anyone who is still out there lol. After much contemplation, I have decided to step down from my position as moderator over here. Even before I came along, participation has been pretty quite, and while I love the concept of the community and love all of you guys, if there's not going to be any participation, I don't know what else to do.

I don't know what sunsingergirl or shadowsvixen intend to do, but I informed them as well as roxotaku of my departure, and it is up to them to figure something out.

This is my last post as a moderator here.It has been wonderful, but now I must sign off. Hope to see you all around!

Bingo Scoreboard Tally-up and Last Call

*swipes forehead* Whooooh, holy cow guys! That was a crazy two months! This was the first time we've ever tried this, and I'm tickled pink it went so well! Out of the 10 that signed up, four have turned in bingos, and while that number doesn't sound too big, realize that each bingo means roughly 5 songfics.

All in all, 32 SONGFICS WERE TURNED IN!!!!! Guys, 32 fics. In two months. That's more than we typically get in 6 months. I'm so impressed by everyone's show of dedication; thank you so much. We will definitely be doing this again, and we can't wait!

I'm sure everyone is waiting impatiently for their scores, but the mods have had a thought. We know there were fics written for your card, but may not have been able to be made into bingos. Maybe you didn't have the time, maybe one of the prompts in a line just couldn't inspire you. We know how hectic life can be, and we feel that anyone who put in the effort to write, even for just one prompt, should be able to score. So with that in mind, anyone who wrote any fics for the bingo cards, please turn them in by this Friday, November 13th (ohcrap, just realized it was gonna be Friday the 13th). All fics should be turned into the original fic post HERE.

Alright guys, thanks again for everything, next time you hear from us, it will be announcing the winners! Make sure you post any of your single fics you've written!

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Last Day!

Hey all! Today is your absolute last day to get those entries in for your Bingo cards! I hope everyone is doing well and that a few more people turn theirs in! Turn all completed fics with your links Here.
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Small Extension

Hey all! Since at least 30 of you signed up for cards and only maybe 6 of you have turned in bingos, I am going to extend the contest another week. This will most definitely be the last extension for this.

The new deadline will be Novemeber 10th.

So, if you have any outstanding bingos, please get them done and turn them in Here.
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Last Day to turn in those Bingo Cards!

Hey all, just checking in. Tomorrow is the deadline for the bingo cards. Remember to turn in the links to your finished bingos Here.

As of yet, only 3 people have turned in their bingos, so hopefully a few more will come in by tomorrow night!

An extension may be offered if enough people ask, but this would be the 2nd time we've extended the deadline, so I hope one will not be needed.

Can't wait to read everyone's entries!
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Checking in!!

Hey all! Hope everyone is doing well with Halloween rounding the corner!

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with their bingo cards. I know we already extended the deadline, but wanted to know the average on how everyone is doing with them, so I can possibly extend the deadline further.

Currently the deadline is November 2nd, and only one person has turned in their bingos. Hmmm....this does not bode well my lovelies! I know Vixi handed out quite a few cards, and I hope you all use them and have fun with them!

Remember to turn your fics in to THIS post by turning in the links.

Let me know what you guys think! If I don't hear anything from you all, I will just stay assuming the deadline to be November 2nd, and we will continue on back to bi-weekly prompts at that time.